A downloadable mod for Windows

OneShot: Fading Memory is a fan sequel for the puzzle game, OneShot.
In it, you find yourself thrust back into the world of OneShot, back on a quest to save the world.
But all is not as it seems. Something... Is different. Is it Niko? The world? Or something far more sinister?


  • A dystopian reimagining of OneShot's world.
  • Puzzles that stretch beyond the window.
  • A Fully original soundtrack.
  • A relentless sense of regret.
  • An in-depth "morality" system.
  • More consequences than you could imagine.


Do not worry about Niko. It does not matter what you say. Nothing will change.


Like OneShot, OneShot: Fading Memory is not a traditional horror game. However, some parts of the game may induce paranoia, regret, and it will mess with your head.
Proceed with caution.

Official server: https://discord.gg/kSqwkj3j6Q

OST: https://astrabit.bandcamp.com/album/oneshot-fading-memory-official-soundtrack


1) Download the installer and use it. Point it to your OneShot path and it will extract its files there. when you are finished you can run the game like normal.

2) Download the zip and open it. Locate your OneShot path, and extract the contents of the zip into your OneShot folder. When it is finished you can run the game like normal.

3) Download and open the .osml file with the modloader.

Astrabit Studios
StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Release date Aug 25, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorAstrabit Studios
GenrePuzzle, Role Playing
Made withFL Studio, RPG Maker, Aseprite
Tags2D, Cute, mod, Multiple Endings, Pixel Art, Psychological Horror, RPG Maker, Story Rich
Asset licenseCreative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Configurable controls


oneshot-fading-memory-windows-universal.zip 288 MB
Version 13 Jul 10, 2022

Development log


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when playing the modded version of the game, at least on windows, the game closes instantly w/out any sort of prompt & doesn't save. might just be me, but I can't press the button AT ALL, and I keep forgetting.

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the thing is broken, it says:
"Something is missing...
"Where did you put my memories of Niko?"
"Bring it back!"
and then there is a crash saying something like: no such file or directory Data/armor.rx and some resource pack cache stuff.
either one of music plays:
- maxwell
- maxwell reversed
- maxwell remix
the application name is "Oneshot - did i do something wrong?"

copy files from the original game into fading memories folder

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So i dont know what happened but the game seems not want to open and it says:''where do you put my memories of niko bring it back'' and it close so can you please tell me what to do

Yeah, I got the same error, what happened?

copy the files from the original game into fading memories folder

The link to the discord server seems to be broken.

We got hit by a raid and forgot to update it here, our bad.